Turnkey Internet Review

Let me cut to the chase, this review is going to be totally biased… Turnkey Internet is the best hosting company that we’ve ever worked with (and we’ve worked with a lot).

I’m going to get the negatives out of the way first. Some years ago they went through a bad phase, where they grew too fast and were too popular for their own good. Support and service suffered as a result. So a quick Google will find you some bad reviews but if you note the date they’re all previous to 2015. They learned from their mistakes and their support is now second to none, they always go beyond the service level you pay for and they’ll always continue to work on an issue until it’s resolved to the clients expectations.

The price of freedom

So with that out of the way let’s talk about the cost. They are one of the cheapest hosting companies available but they focus on quality over cost. An example of this can be found in the fact that they are now 100% Green hosting.

Yes, their hosting is friendly to the environment and this is really important. One of my clients is a world wide charity that’s that has certain responsibilities to be as green and eco friendly as possible. Using Turnkey Internet allows them to stay green while also staying within budget. It might not be important to you now but it will be in the future.

Back to the cost, they pruchase their servers in bulk and have a great relationship with their hardware providers. Just taking their average hosting, when you work out the costing it appears that they’re making a loss on providing hosting. This small margin and excellent support is what’s making Turnkey Internet one of the hosting companies to watch.

Life is easy with WordPress and cPanel

Everybody love WordPress and cPanel, if you don’t use them then you don’t know what you’re missing out on… or maybe you do!

While I love both of these programs they’re both resource hungry. Free and cheap hosting just cannot deal with WordPress, it makes life easy for website owners but cost to hosting companies is high. If you’ve ever tried to run cPanel on a cheap VPS you know what I’m talking about.

That’s where great hardware is needed and Turnkey Internet don’t let you down. At their most basic level of hosting and VPS it’s still well able to run WordPress and cPanel with no issue so you don’t have to worry about slow websites draining money or traffic from your business.

Get in before it’s too late

Well it’s never too late to get hosting but here’s a tip I picked up from a friend. Invest in hosting with Turnkey Internet. He purchased a server from them many years ago and he still pays the same price (we’re talking a few dollars here). The server has been upgraded (replaced) several times to keep with the pace of modern hardware and yet my friend has been grandfathered into the same price. This is amazing and is the same as putting money in the bank. Hosting prices will continue to rise, there will always be a race to the bottom but buying the cheapest budget hosting will always end in disaster.

What unlimited looks like

I have a website for a client that went from zero to over 250,000 visitors in a month! We host with Turnkey Internet because they offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth and we’ve proved that their offer is real! Most other hosing companies that offer unlimited bandwidth would be sending us angry emails once we hit 10,000 visitors let alone 250,000.

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